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Around the world with Peter & Blue

Around the world with Peter & Blue

We travelled around the world with Peter and Blue on all modes of transport: plane, boat, train, bicycle and so much more over the weekend. So who are Peter and Blue?

Last weekend, we managed to catch a ballet performance at Singapore Airlines Theatre in Lasalle College of the Arts called “Peter & Blue Go Around the World”. This children’s series has actually established itself as some of the SDT’s happiest annual performances over the past six years. They did a great job on changing our perspective on ballet dance art. Yes, ballet is an art.

When smarties were told that we are going for a ballet dance performance, they were excited. Mei mei thought the ballet dance performance will be like what she used to do in her ballet class: jumping with hula hoops while listening to children’s songs. Gor gor thought that ballet is all about girls and only girls do ballet dance. He wondered how is a boy going to be involved in this ballet performance? They couldn’t wait to watch it and find out more.

Before the show started, smarties were reading the synopsis while waiting.

To our surprise, before the show started, there was a lucky draw and guess what? We won 2 Peter & Blue tee shirts! Smarties couldn’t wait to get hold of it after the show. No photography and video during the show and we respect that. We didn’t take any of it. We sat there enjoying the show with full attention.

The story is about Peter who loves adventures and with his parents’ trust, he was given the freedom to explore the world. While Peter and his friends travelled around the world, we were being exposed to different types of cultures and costumes.

The picture below was taken from another website. As you can see from the picture, the ballet dancers were in their cultural costumes.

After all the travelling, he got home and told his parents that home is still the best! And I agree with that because home is where the heart is. There was a huge applause after the show. Smarties were totally awed throughout the performance. It was an hour show and they did not fidget at all. Can you imagine that?

Additionally, it was an eye opener for gor gor to watch boys can dance very well too in ballet! Don’t ask me why he thought ballet is a girl’s thing as I have never instiled into him about that. But now, his perspective has changed after watching how well the boys performed.

After the performance, there was balloon sculpting for all the little ones and not forgetting meet-the-characters and photo-taking session.

The happiest people of all are the smarties with their prize!

It was a truly a perfect family outing for this June holiday! If you have missed the show for this year, don’t worry. I believe they will have it again next year, so do keep a look out for that 😉




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