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Back to nature @ The Animal Resort

Back to nature @ The Animal Resort

Smarties love nature and, not forgetting, animals! After the adventure at Koref Resort, smarties have been pestering when they can get to feed animals again. To fulfil their request, we spent last weekend’s morning at The Animal Resort located at Seletar West Farmway.

The minute we reached, smarties headed straight into the resort without waiting for us, the parents! Although it was not their first time there, they still feel the excitement whenever they reached the place. They ran directly into the rabbits and guinea pigs hut to check them out while daddy busy with purchasing animal food for smarties to feed.

Quick facts: Do you know rabbits are social creatures hence they should be kept in pairs? Companionship is the key to the welfare of rabbits because without the company of another neutered rabbit they get lonely and bored. 

There’s a mini stall where a nice auntie will guide you on what to buy and to feed what animals. Smarties couldn’t wait to start feeding the animals there. Mei mei was delighted that the rabbit started chewing the carrot she was holding.

Gor gor feeding 2 rabbits at the same time.

Noticed the baby rabbits right next to the mummy rabbit? Soooooo cute! Feel like carrying it home.

This baby was just delivered. It doesn’t even has any fur on.

Next, we checked out the big bird. No, is not Sesame Street big yellow bird. It is the  cassowary. Couldn’t take a closer pic as it was a little crowded at that time.

Quick facts: Cassowary is a member of a group of large birds. It is slightly smaller than emu and ostrich. Cassowary is an excellent swimmer that can swim long distances. 

Beside cassowary is the horse. No horse riding though but you get to feed him. Yes, its a male horse known as stallion. Mei mei was daring enough to feed him while gor gor was at the back picking up his courage.

Quick facts: Do you know that a horse can sleep lying down or standing up? A horse can run shortly after birth and it has a life span of around 25 years. A male horse is called a stallion and a female horse is called a mare. 

Finally, gor gor managed to overcome his fear and fed the horse too!

A number of children were actually waiting to feed him too so we moved on to the birds station where we spotted a gaggle of geese waiting to be fed.

Quick facts: Geese eat seeds, nuts, grass, plants and berries. They can live anywhere as long as it is grassy areas near water. 

Smarties love chasing birds. No worries, no harm done to the birds…in fact…

the birds love them and even followed them wherever they go especially mei mei. Is it because she’s wearing pink??

Quick facts: The male is called the peacock while the female is called peahen and the whole group are peafowl. The male has bright feathers to attract a mate, and the female has brown feathers allowing her to be able to blend in with the bushes so that predators cannot see her while she is incubating her eggs. 

We went to feed the peacocks and peahens too but they didn’t seem to be interested in food and were staying far away in the cage so we didn’t stay long there. Last station before we moved off were the fishing ponds. There were 2 fish ponds so we took turn to feed each of them.

Smarties were happily feeding and the happier they were, the closer they went to the edge of the fish pond.

We spent a fantastic morning at The Animal Resort. Smarties were happy and so were we! If you haven’t been there yet, do check that place out. It’s a great place for the children to care for animals and to know more about them too!

Here’s the address:
The Animal Resort
T81 Seletar West Farmway 5
Singapore 798061
10am to 6pm daily
Free admission





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