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Christmas Craft: Snowing Snowman in a box

Christmas Craft: Snowing Snowman in a box

Smarties had spent lots of time working on crafts projects this holiday and this week we embarked on Christmas craft because Christmas is just around the corner! This year, we made an exceptionally special craft. During the process, smarties got to express themselves through their creation. They got to develop their cognitive skills by making their own decisions and experiencing the making choices about their art work. What’s more, at the end of the craft, they got to work on their mouth and lung exercises too!

Materials required are pretty easily found at home, otherwise, it can be easily found in any malls. What you need is as follows:

1. A box. Make it into a photo frame with one side cut out so that you can look into the box.

2. Paint for the background. Cotton to make the snowman.
ys_snowcraft2-1 ys_snowcraft3-1

3. Glue, scissors and coloured paper for the children to cut and decorate their boxes.

4. I have provided a packet of spongy shapes for them to decorate further. One side of it has sticky tape on it and they had a hard time trying to remove the paper. A really good way to work on their motor skills.
ys_snowcraft4-1 ys_snowcraft5-1

5. Gor gor created more shapes and patterns out of what was provided. Mei mei saw it and follow suit (monkey see, monkey do).

6. Finally, once all decorations are completed. They stick on a transparency to cover up the “hole”, pour in some expanded polystyrene(EPS) and cover the box. Punch a hole on top of the box and place a straw into it. Taa daa!! We have a snowing snowman box!



How cool is that! Smarties enjoyed a lot blowing the snow for the snowman. We are definitely feeling christmassy and we hope you do too.  Merry Christmas!!!

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