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How to make milk stone

How to make milk stone

If you have been following us, you would have noticed that smarties love science experiments. This time round, we found a way to reuse/recycle fresh milk that has been expired for our project. Yes, even milk does not go to waste with this project.

With just 2 ingredients, we can make stones out of it. Some people called it plastic. Whatever it is, it was a fun and fulfilling experience for all of us.

Our 2 main ingredients are:
– milk
– vinegar

– strainer
– container
– spoon or anything that can use for stirring
– kitchen towel/paper
– cookie cutters

Step 1:
Warm the milk a little. Adult supervision and guidance are necessary at this part.

Step 2:
Pour 2 tablespoons of vinegar into the milk and mix it till you see chunks (casein) forming.

Step 3:
Strain the chunks out and further pat it dry using kitchen towel/paper.

Step 4:
Mold it into any shapes that you desire and wait for it to dry. The drying takes at least 2 days.Β Touch and feel it once it is dry.

What is happening here?
When you mix vinegar to the milk, a substance called CASEIN is formed. Casein occurs when the protein in the milk meets the acid in the vinegar. In other words, the acid in the vinegar separates the protein from the water hence forming the casein (or chunks).

Check out our video here for step by step guide on how to do it. Have fun!

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