Learning with 2 kids and a mommy

Learning about skeleton

Learning about skeleton

We embarked on a skeleton learning journey during the June school holidays and it was great fun and great success among the smarties. Mind you, this full-size (kid’s size not adult size though otherwise, I think I would need 2 more nights!) skeleton took me 2 nights to complete! It’s not very difficult to get it done but it wasn’t easy either.

Smarties were really excited when they woke up to see the completed work.

They started fiddling and adjusting the skeleton joints. That was where I quickly jumped in and explained to them about joints. They started asking questions and slowly we progressed further to learn more about the skeleton.

They even had fun taking pictures with it lying down.

Next, we moved on to the real work where they got to do some learning with craftworks. I explained about x-ray and here we did some craftworks on how much they understand about x-ray and bones (your skeleton is made up of all the bones in your body). Do you know what’s the use of the cotton buds?

Yes, you guessed it right. It represents the bones of the human and the animal. Smarties were free to choose whose x-ray they wanted to work on.

Simple craftworks were done, so we moved on to some academic work where mei mei got to learn counting and gor gor got to learn more in depth about skeletons.

Finally, they were to recall what they have learnt so far and put it all down in their lapbook.

We love lapbooks as they get to design their own “book” the way they want it and have everything that they learnt jotted down in a very summarised format the way they like it.

Here they are standing with their fresh from the oven lapbook. I was asking mei mei what did she draw on her lapbook and she told me: “That’s the machine’s x-ray!”. I must confess, I was stumped for a moment.

More pictures requested from them with extra decorations for our friend, the skeleton.

I am definitely satisfied with the turnout of the skeleton learning journey with smarties. It was really worth the work when you see them enjoying it. Mr. Skeleton had entertained us tremendously.

Till then, do keep a lookout for our next blog post on what we will be learning next. 😉

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