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Most entertaining and messy ice-cream craft ever!

Most entertaining and messy ice-cream craft ever!

Since gor gor started his primary journey, his time is always spent around homework, English spelling, Chinese 听写 and preparation for the many many mini tests. No matter what, I would still try my best to squeeze in some mini art and craft time for the kids to stimulate their brains and to keep their creativity juice flowing. Academy may be important, but art and craft is as important in building a kid’s brain. It allows them to think creatively with an open mind.

This October, we embarked on a bigger art and craft project, THE ICE-CREAM, instead of a mini one because is children’s day! Why I mentioned big is because it took them days to complete.

Here’s what you need for the project:
– cardboard (cereal box or tissue box will do)
– scissors
– flour
– white glue
– tempera paint or any other poster paint
– aluminium foil
– coloured paper cut into small pieces
– pom pom balls
Looked easy huh? So why do we need so many days? Read on…

1. We cut out the cardboard to make into this shape.

2. Shred newspaper into “slices”. Let the kids do it as they love tearing things up, aren’t they? Smarties were having fun ripping and tearing up the newspaper. Tearing of the newspaper actually can be really satsifying. It enhances their motor skills and allowing them to release any negative emotions at the same time.

3. Make a batter using flour, water and white glue, just like the tempura batter used for frying food. Mix the shredded newspaper into it. The batter acts like a glue and stick the shredded newspaper onto the box. They love this part as they got to get their hands dirty and messy as well…

4. Stick the newspaper onto the cardboard and let it dry for a day.

5. Get some aluminium foil and crushed it into a ball and stick the newspaper on it too (another hand exercise to train their motor skills). Same as the cardboard, let dry for a day. This will be the ice-cream.

Smarties made 3 scoops of ice-cream each.

6. Once the cardboard and the scoops of ice-cream are fully dry. Kids can start adding colours to it by painting and wait for it to dry again…yes…is waiting time again…
If you noticed, they were sharing the colours. A good chance to learn about collaboration and sharing during this time. Not forgetting a good chance of bonding between them.

7. Once the paint is dry. Decoration and toppings are next!
Spread some “chocolate syrup” (mixture of glue and brown paint) on top of the “ice-cream”…

sprinkled some “rainbow rice on it” (coloured paper cut into small pieces)…

and, finally, add a cherry (pompom balls) on each scoop of ice-cream.ys_icecreamcraft19-1

Check out our ice-cream! Isn’t it entertaining and messy while creating it? Smarties enjoyed the process lots and they were really proud of their final results. It’s a great confidence booster for them.

On top of that, this project took them days to complete, as it required many times of drying and waiting, it was a good chance for them to demonstrate self control and patience. With so many benefits from it, who wouldn’t want to join in?  🙂



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