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Museums hopping (Part 1): SAM at 8Q

Museums hopping (Part 1): SAM at 8Q

It’s school holiday and that’s the period where we get to hop around and explore places!

Our first stop is SAM at 8Q with our friends. During our journey, we did a read up about the exhibit that we will be seeing. The title of the exhibit is Imaginarium: Over the Ocean, Under the Sea. Smarties already started to imagine swimming under the sea and seeing all types of fishes and sea creatures. After some imagination and short story telling, they took out their own books to read before we reached our destination.

Can imagine how long our journey is… >_<”

It was pretty crowded the day we went as there were other schools bringing children to the museum as well, hence we started our exploration from the 2nd floor instead.

2nd Floor exploration
Each of us took a seat and enjoyed a special selection of local and international short films showing on the screen. The shows were very creative and meaningful indeed. Some of the films don’t even have any speeches but somehow we knew what information that they were trying to convey.

Then we proceeded to the Submaroom to try out some of the activities there. Smarties were trying to see what’s in there and mei mei maybe a tad short but she was able to catch a glimpse of what’s in it by stretching his legs and toes!

This is where ballet skills come into picture 🙂

3rd Floor exploration
We went into a room and discovered many fishes in the room. We found a huge shark chasing after a school of colourful fishes. Smarties were saying that the shark was very hungry but couldn’t eat those fishes because it was trapped in the fish tank.

We found a half steamboat and half telephone installation at the other corner of the room and there was a mirror between the 2 objects.

When you moved to each side, you got to see the whole picture because of the mirror reflection within the box. Amazingly huh!

Did you notice the phone handle was actually a lobster?

4th Floor exploration
There was a big box found in the hall and there was a guide to assist smarties what to do with the box. It was actually a television where you got to “scroll” the images in the television. Interesting!

The other part of the room is the Papermoon Puppet Theatre where it used mixed media installation with fabric, rattan, wood, paper, glass bottles, metal. Pretty calming effect though as you can see smarties and friends were seated quietly admiring the installation here.

A closer look at the puppet.

The next room we entered was a roomful of garbage galore! The name for this installation is called the Plastic Ocean where it allowed participants to reflect on their daily plastic consumption, wastage and its repercussions on environmental pollution, while jointly creating a mural painting with Singaporean artist and illustrator Tan Zi Xi.

It gave me an idea on how to decorate the smarties room! Yes, with garbage indeed!

Ground Floor exploration
By the time we have completed the upper floors, the crowd was getting lesser at the ground floor. We managed to get the chance to enter the area where children had the chance to touch and feel The Mogus, an imaginary octopus monster, and his friends! This installation used mixed media installation with yarn, cotton, felt, synthetic fur, vulcanised copper wire and dacron filling.

Smarties and friends had loads of fun exploring the area and imagining themselves under the sea with all the cute little sea creatures…

and had a whalely good time jumping and lying on the huge whales that can be found around the room.

The theme for this exhibition was really well done. Each exhibit/installation made used of the materials very innovatively as it entices the children to have a wild imagination, to think creatively and have fun with it without feeling bored (for smarties at least, they didn’t feel that way) at the same time with educational values installed especially the Plastic Ocean showing how hazardous it is to have those garbage floating on the ocean.

Smarties had burnt out quite a lot of energy and lunchtime was drawing near. We shall head off for lunch. After lunch, we shall proceed to another museum. Do stay tuned and check out where we went next.. 😉


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